Homies vs Hermes

Thanks to Miley Cyrus who introduced us to this “Parody T-shirt”. Many celebrities are now likely wearing something very street wear, and comfortable instead of those heavy fashion clothes when they’re walking down the street and paparazzi spotted them very funny. This is because, we never thought that those celebrities willing to wear the imitation of the high brand. One of the most famous parody T-shirts that spotted recently is this Homies T-shirt.

It was designed by Brian Litchenberg, LA based designer specializing in contemporary women and menswear. We know that Homies is the slang of Hermes, one of the very high fashion brands, it’s because it has the similarity font, design, and the funny part is, if Hermes logo is a horse cart, this Homies T-shirt logo is a truck. Yes, a Truck! Haha. This is funny. You can have this Homies T-shirt for only $61.00 for a pop superstar alike. This way cheaper than the Hermes that probably cost $610.00.



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