I’m Jealous of me too

Who is the hottest man on earth? Ryan Gosling? Johnny Depp? Ryan Reynolds?

Well, if you’re way hotter than the hottest guy or earth, you hot as hell, body like rocks, and smile that melts every woman’s heart then you might have been jealous of yourself. No one’s compare to you, no one ever would. And if you think you are hot enough, you gonna wear this T-shirt. Make sure you do it well.

And who is the hottest woman in the world? Kate Upton? Scarlett Johansson? Mila Kunis? Pair this T-shirt with colored jeans, sunglasses and those hot women, you sure jealous of yourself too.



One comment on “I’m Jealous of me too”

  1. jenny says:

    would u happen to know where to get this shirt?

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