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Type 1 : Twirkle Disc T-shirt

Twirkle Disc T-shirt

Hey, are you guys an avid fan of Twilight? If so, you might wanna know how to sparkle like Edward Cullen in the movie. We got a solution for you, when fashion meets technology, there’s nothing you can do except Wowing. Thanks to Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz for all this CuteCircuit’s amazing creations.

Yeah, do you ever imagine a T-shirt with embedded LED Technology that sparkles and glow?

CuteCircuit is already internationally-known for pushing boundaries of wearable technology. The technology used in the garments is 100% RoHS compliant, which is means that no hazardous substances are present in the products, free from lead and mercury as well. The textiles also have been tested for safety and manufactured without harmful materials. So it safe!

Powered by a rechargeable long-life battery, it recharges easily via USB from your computer. This short sleeves T-shirt with LED Technology reacts to your body movements, creating unique light and glow effect! Wow

You can buy it here for £130.00 for the original Twirkle Disc T-shirt, it worth the technology in it.



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