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Bits and Pieces

Whoever had the idea of combining patterns in T-shirt and made it, he or she must be brilliant. Yeah, it’s Bits and Pieces. Bits and Pieces laboratory is a place for experiments with geometrical forms and computer generated patterns that NEVER repeat themselves. Whoah! How come? It is because each pattern is created from randomness, creating unique, limited, and one of a kind T-shirt collection. And one thing that really great about this t-shirt brand is each piece of their tee only exists in one size and has a code to guarantee uniqueness.

To understand how, you can look at their demo video customizing patterns once you visit their website. It catches and illustrates a unique moment that can never be recreate, hence why the process is infinite, or beyond infinite because there are billions probabilities more to come.

Take a look at their collection, and you’ll see how brilliant their idea.



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