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Type 1 : Here comes the Bartman!

Here comes the Bartman!

Both Bart Simpson and Batman are two (very) different guys. But, we know from the last movie of Batman, Batman were too old to save the world and fight all those villains, do you think Batman need his ‘Heir’? If so, who do you think will be the next Batman?

Captain America? Wolverine? X-man? Spiderman? Superman? Noo. They’re too busy catching those villains and fight for peace already. Find another guy, how about Bartholomew Jojo Simpson? Yeah the troubled youth from springfield, that one. Bart Simpson can do a lot of troubles and bad things at the same time, and the only way to stop him from doing the bad things is trust him to be a hero.

And since Michael Jackson wrote the song “Do the Bartman” and released the song on November 1990. I think it’s time for Bartman Movie. Solving trouble with trouble, it would be a great tagline for the next Bartman movie.

Here comes the Bartman!



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