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Type 1 : Liberty Rocks

Liberty Rocks

This Liberty Rocks T-shirt is coming from the brand ARKA, which is a collective of complex-minded individuals with one simple goal, to create art you can wear. Inspired by pop culture, social movements, science, nature and whatever else to choose, and at this time, they choose Liberty Statue to rock any moment.

Here’s fun yet great fact about ARKA, The definition of ARKA is to be “King of All Kings”. They create designs by purpose and refuse to follow any trends, because they do believe that the concept of individuality and creativity are prized above all else. So, Yes, there are no limits to where our imaginations will take us. The result is a thought provoking design that is as unique as the person wearing it.

So be unique by wearing this Liberty Rocks T-shirt, printed in yellow color, the Liberty Statue is holding a mic and the metal hand! This T-shirt is rock. Get 20% off using coupon code: SUPER90SALE.



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