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Type 1 : Stardust T-shirt

Stardust T-shirt

Space. I’ve been wondering how does it feel to be in space, especially for space travel. Travel from one planet to another, I think George Lucas knows the answer. He’s been space traveling from Naboo, Tattoine, or Aldeeran in only a sec. That’s a jealousy!

Anyway, one of the great things about space is the Stardust. Stardust is the heavy elements that comprise the Earth-such as iron, silicon, oxygen, and carbon-originally formed in distant stars that exploded, sending their heavy elements into space, which is shortly describes as grains of dust found in meteorites. Scientist have collected this and studied it. It is older than the earth!

Feel the greatest experience of space by wearing this stardust T-shirt from design by humans. Lost in space, there was a wolf catching the star, eat it, and spread the dust into space, becoming stardust. That’s what the stardust is according to Nils285, an artist from Germany who designed this Stardust T-shirt. Great designed for only $24? What are you waiting for? Click here.



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