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Type 1 : Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining

Screw complainers! Complain about everything will only get situation worse.

Stop complaining about what you don’t have
Stop complaining about why McDonalds doesn’t serve breakfast at 10:30
Stop complaining about the traffic jam
Stop complaining about your school life
And the most important thing, Stop complaining about meaningless thing

Because I do believe that the doers, the achievers or other people who succeed in their life always take control of themselves, by less complaining. If you can control yourself, you can make your own future.

Around 14 months ago a guy decided to explore some of his creative side. He makes his own future by stop complaining about how shitty his work life is and start working on this brand. And there he goes, a product range that hand screen print all garments out of his front room in London, he sew all tags in to the garments himself, he built website along with doing all photography for the site. He deserves standing ovation for this. He inspires us, doesn’t he?

Oke, let’s face it now. How about we stop complaining about how awful life’s gonna be and start trying to make it a good day, by wearing this Stop Complaining T-shirt from MYOF. This tee printed on American Apparel 100% Cotton. Please note that there are only 100 of this, so go get on it while you can, they will not restock once they have been sold. Or once they sold, please stop complaining!



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