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Type 1 : Bat Landing

Bat Landing

  • BatLanding-Women-Tee
  • BatLanding-Men-Tee

Bat man, is basically an animal, a bat that mostly go out when the night comes. So when he deliberately went out at 12PM to catch a villain, what do you think will happen when his radar fails? He got lost, got blind by the light, and had an epic-fail landing. Ouch! Poor bat man. Call 911 please.

This Bat Landing T-shirt designed for those who love Batman and want something more different with any other Batman collection. Never thought about how does it look when a Batman had an epic-fail landing? Me too. This American Apparel T-shirt with 100% cotton fabric, super soft, super comfy, and super epic!

Go get one before you’re late.



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