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DIY geometric tee

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Recently, we’ve too obsessed with DIY T-shirt, but none of them is for guys, so I think it’s the right time to give another DIY post, special for you guys. Today’s edition of DIY T-shirt is called DIY Geometric Boy T-shirt. All you need is your red T-shirt (you can change the color or any garment you want to customize), newspaper, masking tape, fabric paint (once again, you choose the color), iron, and paint brush.

Follow the steps, because it’s much easier than you think!
1. Put a newspaper between both sides of your t-shirt so paint won’t go through.
2. “Draw” the geometric shape you like the most with masking tape.
3. Pour a bit of paint and dip brush
4. If your fabric is stretchy like a t-shirt paint it with little touches, never dragging brush.
5. Wait for the paint to get dry after finishing, remove masking tape and iron 2-3 mins to fix color. (or you can speed drying with a hairdryer)

It’s one obviously pretty great DIY T-shirt for men, especially when you are the one who have a creative mind, and easily bored guy. Once you did it, you can do your own creation of DIY Geometric tee in the future. So yeah, it’s basically perfect, right? The only advice is to remember to iron it properly once it gets dry, to ensure you can wash it with confidence.

Let’s be creative by picking up some old shirt and take a look around you, and pick what you think it’s cool enough to put on your old shirt. Have a good try!

Visit this cool blog and you’ll find many DIY ideas!



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