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Type 1 : Graffiti Print

Graffiti Print

You know, I thought this tee was made from canvas that use an oil painting on it because it has a similar look with a real painting, but it wasn’t. This is called a Graffiti Print tee. I wonder which part of the graffiti that used in this tee, all I know that Graffiti is writing, drawing, marking, scratching, spraying, or etching any public space with some sort of social or political expression, it all in public space! Well unless, this tee displayed in a public space.

Well, forget the name. This Graffiti Print tee is quite unique because it looks like a handmade oil painting. It’s like someone with a hand full of brush trying to draw his own face but ended up die-trying, unfinished. Finish your look with this tee, click here to get.



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