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I can assure you that being at my age (I’m under 25, still) means you can do and experience many things! Trust me, because YOLO, right? One of the best things I’ve experienced is Photography, I was once a photographer for like the past few years ago. I took many photos with various cameras, Digital, Analog, 35mm, Holga (and the other Lomo cameras), Instax, Underwater camera and of course Polaroid!

Well I’ve always found Polaroid to be absolute cool, but not the uber-cool (the uber-cool is goes to my 35mm camera, of course!) but I thanked for the experience that Polaroid had given to me, because it is irreplaceable with any other camera, the moment inside it, the grainy, the vintage color of it, so retro, and yet so cool. Polaroid clearly has a life of its own, right? If you love Photography, you have to buy this Lickaroid tee. I wonder when lafraise will make the 35mm camera T-shirt, I think it would be very nice to have one.



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