Outsider Apparel

Outsider Apparel is the new clothing brand from the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspired by underground city nightlife, electronic and indie music subcultures, they plan on bringing a fresh new clean cut image to the street. That’s why, mostly their design is so Streewear-able.

I bet the name behind the Outsider Apparel was taken from the experience of gigs or club attendant. An outsider is a term for a person who doesn’t belong to a particular group. So it refers to a person who used to attend the party of their favorite club but have no relation to each other attendant, all by themselves, that’s what outsider means.

So, if you want to be a part of this Outsider Apparel, Don’t follow the crowd, become an outsider.



One comment on “Outsider Apparel”

  1. Mitch Carlisle says:

    Too cool! How can I get a men’s Outsider t-shirt?

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