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Quipster, the new T-shirt brand from Austria (was founded in this year 2013!) offers you the combination between minimalism design and high-quality materials. Mostly their designs appears to be one large pic (what is it? a peanut, a bean?) in front of the shirt, what does that even mean? I don’t get it yet, but don’t get them wrong, they could go on telling you about why they brought Quipsters to life, or what the message is they were trying to spread. You’ll be figure it out once you have massagemetro.com/shop/synthroid/ Quipster in your life.

Since this is a new T-shirt brand, we have to be more patient because there’s not much collection to choose, just yet. But I think it would be nice to see more from these guys. Give them a chance to prove that T-shirt can be much more than the need of covering the body.

Oh one more thing, Quipster sounds like hipster for me. So be a Hipster with Quipster, and spread the message on it.



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