Taste me, I’m not that plain

Whoever thought that plain white tee cannot be use in many occasion is so last year people. You can effortlessly stylish with your plain white tee. You don’t believe me? “Taste me, I’m not that plain” says the tee.

Take a look at a hot mom, Miranda Kerr, she may be the ex Victoria Secret’s angel, and one of the busiest models these days, but that doesn’t mean she have to look stylish by wearing heavy-outfits all the time, she pairs her plain white tee with, leather shorts (that’s brilliant choice Miranda!) and a shoulder bag, sunglasses, red lips and sleek hair. She is absolutely effortless!

Or if you want to look less-effortlessly-stylish than Miranda did, take a look at her fellow Australian Model, Jessica Hart, as a model too, Jessica surely knows how to steal the attention, she pairs her plain white tee with her pink panties. But I don’t recommend you to going around with this style, No it’s a big no. This Jessica Hart style suits you only if you wanna look good, in your own home.

Another shot, you can get the other plain white tee inspiration for daily outfits. Whether it’s Basic plain white tee, V-Neck, Crew Neck, Loose, Turtle Neck, or ripped? Choose what makes you comfort. Well, for me personally, I’m thinking about simplicity. I’d like to have my plain white tees pair with ripped jeans and converse. That’s it. So whether you choose Miranda Kerr’s street style or Kate Upton everlasting style, check out our favorite Women in Plain Tee so far in here, and choose your outfit inspiration.



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