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Type 1 : WTF Generation

WTF Generation

You’re part of MTV generation if you were born around late 20th and early 21st century, which is I’m in! Well if you read this post and you have no idea about what is MTV Generation, keep reading this, based on Urban Dictionary MTV Generation refers to a term used to describe a generation who grew up under a continuous influence of TV (mainly those who were teenagers in the 80s), and they will listen to anything MTV tells them to listen to, whether it’s Nirvana or NKOTB and buy anything MTV tells them to buy, whether it’s the iconic shoulder pads or perm-ridden hairstyles.

But MTV these days are full with anything that not related to music videos at all, like reality show or drama. It’s really bad, they lose their quality. And I think this T-shirt represents MTV Generation about how they feel because MTV turns sucks. So, they turn the term MTV Generation into WTF Generation.



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