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Type 1 : You Need to Believe in your self

You Need to Believe in your self

  • Youneedtobelieve-Men-Tee
  • Youneedtobelieve-Women-Tee

This “You need to believe in yourself” tee shows how great our belief is. Especially when a Pegasus doesn’t believe that he can lie on a couch, they need to believe that he can do it, or if he doesn’t believe in himself, he needs a hypnotherapist. Snorgtess tell us about believing in our self. Well yeah, I think we don’t need a hypnotherapist to make us believe in (let say) believe that the sun rules the Milky Way galaxy, because it’s scientifically proven, or believe that Star Wars movie will be coming out next 2 year2, because it’s (hopefully) a fact!

Anyway do you remember what R Kelly ever told us in a song “I believe I can fly”. Yeah, that one. Do you believe it or not that you can fly? So, you need to believe in yourself.



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