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Anything happens for a reason because there is no coincidence. Have you ever do something for nothing or for no purposes but ended up to be something good?

Started off as a bet over a beer between two friends has now become an internationally recognized label and a dream come true for friends, please welcome Leith Testoni and Jonathan Yeo! The creator of premium menswear label ZANEROBE!

Zanerobe, the unique name was a joint decision between the boys, ZANE from Leith’s longing to be called it as a kid, and ROBE as Jono’s reworking of the French word ‘garde robe’ (an old piece of French furniture that held clothing). According to their site, Zanerobe has become synonymous with strength and masculinity and their ranges are well known internationally for their point of difference, quality workmanship and clever, bold designs.

Now, you can find ZANEROBE in many online stores including Australia’s David Jones, Japan’s Barneys, the USA’s Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks and Bloomingdales. So why don’t you have one of these?



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