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Your Map IdentiTEE!

From Toronto, ON, mymaptee announces a new line of simple patriotic tees. But they’re fresh and subtle, not loud and boastful. The design is subtle and simple: a visually intriguing and abstractly depicted continent on a clean solid colored tee (or tank, if you dare). Can you guess the continent on the tee above? These map tees can be worn on any occasion, not just once a year on an Independence Day or when you’re feeling boastfully patriotic. And they’re abstract enough that if others don’t know their geography too well, you’ll find them staring at your tee with curiosity. There’s no text, no mymaptee branding. Just a clean map on a clean tee.
Right now the line only features continents which is a small selection, but mymaptee is about a design that’s timeless. And it’s about staying connected; not drilling down to your country but staying more global, more centered rather than being the center. Check ’em out for a quality map tee @



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