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Type 1 : Are You Still At College?

Are You Still At College?

College Life Tequila White T for Cottonable T-Shirt Blog

Raise your hand if you’re still at college. Well, I gotta tell ya I have been on college years too and I had an amazing time. For those of you are or have just entered college, welcome. You’re going to love every single moment in there. Enjoy it while you can.

College life can be interesting but sometimes unsatisfying. If you’re one of those people who love chasing good grades, then you’re a good student. But if you’re the other way around, well… what about a party tonight with a tequila? Get drunk with some friends and dance till drop! Yep, thats what happens on this tee – Have fun and have a great time! In fact that The Life Brand shows it.

Oh yeah and plus, have a great ride.



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