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Type 1 : When Printing gets serious: How is it to deal with Facebook, BBC or Amazon’s printed t-shirts?

When Printing gets serious: How is it to deal with Facebook, BBC or Amazon’s printed t-shirts?

Good evening. We wanted to share one of the great printing companies that you might want to jot down on the list! Who knows if you need to create your custom t-shirts in the near time, and Printsome is all you need.

Still curious with what’s behind the curtain? Have a read about Printsome below:

You deserve awesome. That’s our slogan, and it is our slogan because we truly believe that everyone deserves awesome. Especially when it comes to t-shirt printing!

Printsome is a personalised clothing agency that offers custom t-shirt printing across the UK. We know that we’re not reinventing the wheel in terms of type of business here, but from the very beginning we knew we could do it better. We’re not a traditional printing company. Let us explain, there are five pillars from which Printsome has been built:

Printsome logo

Customer service                                                                                                                        

At Printsome, everything evolves around the customer. From the first moment they contact us until their package is delivered, our printing advisers make sure they are fully informed throughout every step of the process. We make ourselves available. They can contact us via email, live chat, phone, or our contact form.


All of the personalised clothing we showcase has been handpicked by us to make sure we’re offering the best possible quality at the best possible value. And because the finest garment wouldn’t be any good without a proper print job, we also make regular visits to the printers to guarantee that all of the machines are top-notch and the inks used are also up to our standards.


We try to demystify the Printing process as much as we can. Our printing advisors always counsel our customers on what would be the best solution for their specific case and make sure they get the best possible deal. It often happens that someone, because they don’t know any better, might think they need a certain technique when actually another one would be a much better fit. Currently we offer, direct to garment (DTG), transfer, embroidery, and cad-cut vinyl. In an effort to clarify the process, we make resources available like our expert tips and articles on the different printing techniques.

Fast Turnaround

We offer some of the fastest turnarounds in the market. Our regular delivery is from 5 to 10 days, while our express service is 2 to 4 days.

Awesome Content

Printsome awesome content

From the very beginning content has been an important part of our strategy. The Printsome blog started out with a couple of writers and it was updated a few of times a week. In these past three years it has evolved into a super three-in-one-blog and it is updated daily by dozens of writers. Right now we have three branches: events, marketing, and (of course) t-shirts, but it is all encompassed inside the big umbrella of creativity. We want to provide useful and entertaining content for our readers. Some of our most viral pieces include the Brand Colour Swap and the #Beertualising: Famous Brands turned into Beers which have been featured in Adweek, Visual News, Fast Company… even Playboy made a video of us!

When do top brands need printed t-shirts?

Very frequently and for all kinds of reasons. Most of the times they’re for events. Conferences, product launches and expos are common occasions for brands to order personalised t-shirts. They either want them to identify their staff or to give them away as a souvenir. Printed t-shirts make great uniforms because they’re a comfortable garment to wear (they come in every size for both men and women) and are highly customisable. They also make a great giveaway because –

apart from people loving free stuff – tees have the potential to turn any person into a walking hoarding. When a company is giving away printed t-shirts, they’re not only thanking their followers, but also expanding their marketing.

Differences between the needs of a t-shirt designer and a top brand

Designers care a lot about the final online-health-pharm.com/products/neurontin.htm product because they’ve spent a good amount of time working on their designs and they want that to be reflected on the garment. Bigger brands also care about the quality finish, but it’s got more to do with the fact that it represents them (they want to make sure the final colour is the same as the one in their style manual, etc). Big companies don’t see the final product as “their” design as an artist might do, for them is just one more piece inside their big marketing machine. The biggest difference between a big brand and a designer is that the first tends to want everything done fast and well while designers tend to be a bit more hesitant and it makes sense because the individual has got more to lose. If a big brand messes up an order, in the worst-case scenario, the marketing person gets fired. If a designer messes up an order, his entire business (and maybe even his life savings) might end up in the bin.

Case Studies

Printsome case studies

Yelp Europe is one of our clients and they contacted us for a very interesting project. A couple of years ago, under the concept of “one company”, they decided to hold an event for all of their employees simultaneously across all of their European offices. For this special occasion they decided to print t-shirts with a unique design, a six-colour screen print consisting of 480 small Yelp logos, arranged into a square on the front of 500 white T-shirts – these tees were then sent to all the Yelp offices around Europe.

Employees then donned the T-shirts, and when the garments were viewed through retro 3D specs the small logos merged into one big Yelp logo.You can read more about the case study here.

Another interesting story was when a couple of YouTubers contacted us to print t-shirts to sell during their UK tour. The challenge here wasn’t the print or the design, but rather the delivery. We were to deliver packages all over the UK and on different dates. We cannot say who they are for privacy reasons, but we can say that all of the packages got to their destination on time and in the end, they were able to sell four times more than what they had originally expected.

What to do if you want to print for a top brand

Applying to print for a big brand is a bit like fishing for Moby Dick. While you may have all of the necessary elements, it will probably only show up when they want to and when you least expect it. Still, there are a few things you can do to allure the “Big Catch”.

  • Make sure your brand has got an appealing personality
  • Understand what they’re looking for
  • Simplify their lives
  • Do it well and fast
  • Give great customer service (they might be working for a big company, but there is still a person on the other end of the line)
  • Design an understandable and good looking website. This is your business card of the online world, after all. If it looks shady, nobody (big or small) is going to hire your services.
  • Make sure your SEO is up to scratch (They won’t find you if you don’t show up in search engines)
  • Be active on social media and follow (like) the brands you’d like to work with

Final Words

Basically Printsome comes down to great customer service, good quality, comprehensive printing advice, fast turnaround and awesome content. If you want to work for big clients, you have to get into their mindset. Understand where they are coming from and what they need. It doesn’t matter how big the company is, there’s always going to be a person on the other side. Treat them like you would like to be treated. There’s nothing new – it’s common sense.

In the end it comes down to hard work. We’re a group of young professionals who believe in what we’re doing and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. We work hard, but have fun at the same time. It’s all part of the process.

If you want to learn more about us, please visit our website. We would love to hear from you.



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