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Type 1 : How to start your tee business: 3rd Rail is your choice!

How to start your tee business: 3rd Rail is your choice!

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Have you planned to start your t-shirt business for a long time? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 3rd Rail is a place where you can look up to. If you’re based in London and wanting to have your t-shirt designs printed with a high quality and photo-reactively exposed, check this cool info below!

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Who is 3rd Rail?

3rd Rail is a London based screen printing studio and we work closely with clients and collaborators to produce high grade clothing ranges and artwork editions. T-Shirts, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, leggings, bags, pants… Screen printing onto clothing is where we found our footing. With years of experience, skilled staff and an abundance of specialist equipment, we can reproduce designs onto fabric in the best way possible.

What is Screen Printing?

At the heart of our practice is screen printing, on old method of image reproduction where a photo-reactively exposed stencil on a fine polyester mesh has special inks pushed through it by a rubber squeegee. Despite the rise of digital/sublimation/transfer methods, this quirky process remains as the universal master of applying artwork to textiles.  Whether you want a hundred tees or one poster, screen printing offers many possibilities and a quality you can’t fake.

Studio Shot Cottonable T-Shirt BlogWhat Services Do We Provide?

We’re well versed in the art standard t-shirt printing which can range from a small left breast logo to an intricate oversized illustration but we also specialise in more innovative techniques such as jumbo printing (where the entire front panel of the garment is covered) or all-over printing. The latter involves laying a garment flat and printing over the entire surface which gives the impression of it being made from patterned fabric.

In our bid to create a complete t-shirt printing service under one roof we recently launched our Cut and Sew service. By screen printing onto jersey panels instead of pre-made garments and having those panels cut and sewn into t-shirts we’re essentially able to hand complete creative control back to our customers, the possibilities really are endless.

For several years now we’ve also operated an in house tailoring department which means we have customisation on lock (think custom sleeves and pockets) and we can of course also re-label your garments. Another recent addition to our services are our ability to provide fully customisable printed (or plain) boxes. We had a template made up which is the perfect size for a folded tee and they’re great if you’re releasing limited edition products and want the packaging to reflect just how unique your tee is.

An Exclusive T-Shirt Printing Offer for Cottonable Readers

Cottonable Offer T-shirt Blog 3rd RailTo claim simply email quoting COTTONABLE OFFER and we’ll take it from there.

For more information about who we are and what we do check out our website: or visit our blog: which is a great resource for all things t-shirt printing.

Offer Terms and Conditions: Design must be the same across all garments. Garments must be supplied by 3rd Rail. Offer excludes cut and sew orders. Orders must be placed before 28/02/16. Please allow a 10 day turnaround on orders plus shipping time. Offer limited to certain garment styles. Cannot be used in conjunction with another offer. To claim please email quoting COTTONABLE OFFER.



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