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This recent election has showed us a lot of things. The main takeaway is that we can no longer sit idly by as our government works on auto pilot. It is increasingly clear that the people need to babysit this government to make sure they don’t stick a fork in the outlet…metaphorically.

Some of the most disturbing parts of Trumps 100 day plan (other than all of it) is his plan to reopen the KeyStone XL pipeline project, withdrawing America from the climate agreement while simultaneously ¬†expanding fracking, coal mining, and oil and gas drilling. He actually believes that climate change is a hoax made up by “the Chinese” as he puts it. This is the supposed “leader of the free world”.

November 8th was a day of shock and a day of mourning for life as we knew it. November 9th was (my birthday, bummer right?) a call to action. Not just for Americans, but especially for Americans. Not Safe has decided to become a part of the fight. This latest shirt puts our money where our mouth is. Not only does it make a statement, but we are also donating 75% of all profits to the Natural Resources Defense Council.The NRDC shares in the sentiment that Trump can not rule without opposition of the people. The Earth may not have a voice but it’s inhabitants do. Not only will you be donating to a worthy cause but you will also be a walking protest showing people that our future matters.

We have set high goals for this fundraiser so please help us reach it. The shirt is 23.99 plus shipping and is a premium cotton blend. Our goal is to sell 400 shirts by December 13th and I am ready to do absolutely everything I can to make sure we reach it.  Orders are printed and shipped when the time expires (December 13). You can expect your package to arrive around 4 Р7 business days after the campaign finishes printing.



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