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Type 1 : Sleigh Ride by Skully & Friends

Sleigh Ride by Skully & Friends


Skully & friends is a story about weird and everything that goes with it. What we do is art which consists of unordinary children drawings. Our designers are little kids who can transfer their disorganized and strange thoughts on the piece of paper. We gave up on trying to fit in and decided to welcome all the crazy little brains out there who share the same ideas. Anyone who has not-so-usual and strange approach to art is our friend. This way we are not keeping this thing only for ourselves but we want to collaborate with people/kids from all around the world and we are inviting them to send us their cool drawings and be part of our weird family!

Everything is upside down with S&F, that’s why instead of Santa riding a deer, a deer is riding a Santa because…, why the hell not! Normal is boring, that’s why we put animals in charge this time! This drawing is about not following the imposed rules, but making your own. Our Christmas story may not tipically melt you down like other ones but it will definitely make you laugh and make you want to see things a little bit wider. Instead of perfectly normal we cherish perfectly weird!



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