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Type 1 : Torres Black by WAINAO

Torres Black by WAINAO


The story of the little start-up that wanted to kill NIKE – It may sound a little cocky when you hear that for the first time but when you take a look at some of the creations made by this little group of friends from PARIS. You have got to recognize that it’s pretty amazing.

The concept is fantastic: Revisit the history of the world through a series of dates and events that are considered significant. They do this in the form of puzzles and the originality of the project lies in the fact that they work with a new duet of artists for each new event they choose to talk about. Artists create works about the subject. which are exhibited on the same support; an unique model of double reversible tee shirt made by assembling 2 t-shirts, which allows to wear the garment on both sides. Each WAINAO consists of 4 elements distributed on the faces of the two t-shirts: -a date, a puzzle phrase, a visual and a text- each are clues to determine which event we speak.

Now, WAINAO just take it to the next level by releasing a new collection of classic tee-shirts, still made by artists and based on 3 first enigmas.

WAINAO has everything to become, not the « next NIKE », like they used to say it, but maybe GREATER.

It’s crazy when you think about it but our opinion is based on 3 elements:

1) Brands are restricted to make products for athletes they got under contract. Not WAINAO. With their innovative concept, not only they can make tee shirts about anybody but the project is traversal to all areas in our society (religion, politics, music, justice, etc) not only sport.

2) Tee shirts are simply and incredibly beautiful because WAINAO works with great artists around the world (mainly realistic drawers, unknown but full of talent).

3) Working with writers, poets, slammers, makes things so entertaining and instructive in the same time, which is very rare and separates WAINAO from the other brands.


Head over to their website for more awesome tees here.



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