50 Sexy Plain Basic T-shirts You Would Love to Wear

Popping on a jeans and a t-shirt was easy and it is a simplest way of dressing (and getting sexy!), so that would be my go-to outfit. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with just wearing a plain tee shirt, but at the same time, my friends, espescially my lover says it’s hard to look fabulous and sexy wearing one.

Why not make a little bit more of an effort when wear basic or plain T shirt then? I’m still wearing comfortable t-shirts, but they all have something a little bit more special than the plain T-shirt. Take a look on grey, black, white (or other singe-color) T-shirts; they are the best!

Have you try to wear those on a black or denim vest? If you don’t have a vest, you can accessorize in different ways, like plain jeans would complete your look. And for ladies, combine the basic / plain t-shirt with a colored skirt, gray tights, and ballet flats. And its not plain anymore.

So here I present to you: 50 Awesome Plain Basic T-Shirt You Would Love to Wear:

more gorgeous women wearing plain basic tee shirt on Cottonable’s pinterest board!

more good-looking dudes wearing plain basic tee shirt on Cottonable’s pinterest board!

BONUS: celebrities wearing plain good tee from our Pinterest Board!