DIY T-shirts Ideas (The Huge List!)

In a closet, or in a pile, we all have a stash of t-shirts. We bought T-shirts and other products as one way of engaging the world of design. Deciding what styles you like, or what messages you want to share with other people, or what bands or companies you want to advertise on your chest, are all decisions about design and communication.

But T-shirts has their cycle, they don’t last forever, they fade, stretch, get stained, and maybe the tees stay the same but the you change size, or  taste. That’s why do-it-yourself is everywhere.

People are making DIY T-shirts themselves with some ideas like to save money, to customize goods to suit their exact needs and interests, and sharing it with other people. And there are loads of tutorials out there with interesting ideas for how to recycle your t-shirts into something ‘new’. These are some DIY T-shirts collection ideas worth noting:



Ryonet’s Screen Printing Starter Kit (Buy at Amazon) gives you everything you’ll need to start screen printing t-shirts and much more in one affordable package.

More ideas: Cottonable’s DIY T-shirts Ideas (pinterest board)


  • Pedro - 30/08/13 - Reply

    Those are some great ideas! I especially like the Jack Daniels shirt :)

  • Tee shirts custom - 29/11/13 - Reply

    wow, so great diy ideas you share!! so many change styles and ways. thank you , I love them.

  • Wrapper bags - 03/01/14 - Reply

    Nice post, thanks for the inspiration :-)

  • Jemmea - 15/06/14 - Reply

    Really great diys. Thank you for all of them

  • Cute DIY T-shirt - 09/08/14 - Reply

    All of these are so cute!

  • Sk8tr - 30/08/14 - Reply


  • Khuzaima - 22/09/14 - Reply

    Thats Great dude.. I saw this on TV, a person made an ordinary t-shirt into a crazy designer tshirt… That was seriously amazing to watch it.

  • Tessa - 09/10/14 - Reply

    I want some cool shoulder free top!?

  • Kristl - 06/01/15 - Reply

    Love your clever and frugal ideas! I write a frugal living blog with a huge Pinterest following (33,000), and I’d love for you to write a guest post featuring a few of your ideas. Of course, you can include a link back to your site. If you’d rather not write a guest post, please let me know if I could use a few of your t-shirt images and descriptions and link back to your site for directions. Thanks!

  • Athiya - 24/02/15 - Reply

    You have a great vision to include all ideas together. I will definitely send pics of my current venture of coloring my suit.

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