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Submit Your Tee Shirt

Hi T-shirt lovers!

We are welcoming you to submit your favorite T-shirt to be promoted on
Submit 1 (one) T-shirt at a time, no limitation on the number of submission.
But I suggest you submit one at first, if it gets posted, you can submit another one

Make sure to write down a little bit about your tee (minimum 250 words) & include URL to the product page (not website homepage) as well as the price (if it’s up for sale). This write up should be original and not a copy-paste from any websites.

We would love to see a full view of T-shirt worn by a model in a decent resolution of photo.

Please submit 1 (one) tee shirt at a time. Make sure to include URL to the product page as well as the price.
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Please select your image(s) to upload. Make sure your image is with the minimum of 580 x 580 pixels in size.