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Myths About Poor Sleep That Might Make You Restless

There’s something magical about sleep. Get enough of it, and your days seem lighter, even better. Even one night of deprivation, however, can quickly turn any situation sour fast. It’s

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woman wearing a blue dress

How to Accessorize Navy Blue Dresses

Say goodbye to the little black dress because navy blue dresses are the new go-to outfit for any occasion. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you

We Need to Talk About the Wife Beater Shirt

It’s probably one of the most eyebrow-raising names for a piece of clothing ever. I mean, really, we’ve all kind of stopped and gone, are you serious?¸ when we first




Smiling business woman during company lunch buffet hold salad plate

How to Plan a Company Team-Building Event Your Employees Will Enjoy

Corporate parties and team building activities build camaraderie and boost employee morale. But how do you actually get your employees to join your events? Because let’s face it. Most aren’t receptive to corporate parties, especially if it’s mandatory. So what can you do to convince your employees to participate? Here

Wooden casket in a funeral home

Choose Among the Many Different Kinds of Caskets

Death is a unique experience for everyone, even for those left behind. The loss can be intimate, yet it can also be impersonal due to funeral preparations. For example, you may have to postpone your grief to choose a casket. A casket can be one of the most significant expenses,


Caviar: All the Goodness of the Sea on Your Skin

The Russian aristocracy was one of the first to indulge in caviar — unfertilized, salt-cured fish eggs from wild sturgeon. The finest dishes were reserved for the tsars, who, along with their royal counterparts in Greece and Rome, splurged on its fishy, salty goodness. Little did they know that, in


Fun, Festive Fashion: The Rules of Dressing Up for Festivals

It’s been a long while coming, but festival boho is officially over. The time has come to cut up the crochet and hang up your flower crown. Dodgy headpieces and costume-y bohemian pieces have been relegated to times past, and today, doing festival style right means going for more practical

4 Event Planning Mistakes to Stay Away From

Planning an event can be both an exciting and terrifying experience for anyone. This is particularly true when you’re doing it for the first time. There are a lot of things you have to consider in order to deliver the result you’ve wanted when the celebration takes place. While the

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