YouTubers and Their Net Worth: From David Dobrik to Tana Mongeau


Movie and TV show celebrities aren’t the only ones basking in the glow of fame these days. Thanks to everyone’s growing dependence on their phones and the internet, YouTubers now share the limelight with today’s stars. With their fame comes a hefty paycheck.

On average, a YouTuber can earn $18 per 1000 ad views. This equates to $3 to $5 per a thousand video views. This amount increases when you gain more subscribers and/or when more people click on your ads. The more people follow you or click on your ads, the more you make a name for yourself, which increases your chances of scoring brand deals, sponsorships and merchandise partnerships. All three attribute to the fame and fortune of today’s YouTubers.

Don’t believe us? Have you seen David Dobrik’s net worth? How about Jake Paul’s? We haven’t even discussed the beauty influencers.

So here’s a look at how much today’s YouTubers are worth.

David Dobrik Net Worth ($20 to 25 million)

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s highest-paid personalities — his net worth says so. The American actor and social media personality boast more than 18 million subscribers on his main channel and 8.5 million followers on his second account David Dobrik Too. As of 2021, David Dobrik’s net worth stands at $20 to 25 million.

As mentioned, he is one of YouTube’s highest-paid entertainers. David Dobrik managed to achieve his net worth with an annual earning of $15 million. In 2019, he started earning $275,000 monthly from ad revenue only. By 2020, the vlogger had earned $16 million from his empire, which included YouTube and corporate sponsorships with brands like SeatGeek, Bumble and EA. His annual earnings from Clickbait, his apparel line, also contribute to David Dobrik’s massive net worth. With so many fans buying his shorts, pants and hoodies from him, it’s no wonder that Dobrik is worth $20 million.

Why is David Dobrik so Rich and Famous?

His internet success plays a big part in David Dobrik’s net worth. He started his climb to success in the now-defunct app called Vine. In 2015, Dobrik launched his YouTube channel “David Dobrik.” On this channel, he posted vlogs and comedic shows based skits or real-life events. Most of Dobrik’s vlogs included his former collaborators on Vine.

In 2016, Dobrik opened his second channel. “David Dobrik Too” featured direct sponsorship deals, challenge videos and blooper reels. In 2018, he received a Diamond Play Button as recognition from YouTube for hitting 10 million subscribers on his channel. In that same year, PAPER magazine included him in their list of “10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise.”

In 2019, Dobrik’s channel was the fifth-most viewed channel on YouTube. He boasted 2.4 billion views.

Apart from his YouTube content, Dobrik also hosted a podcast with his friend, former Vine star and YouTuber Jason Nash. Together, they hosted “VIEWS,” which eventually led to Dobrik opening his third channel called “Views Podcast.”

Sponsorships beefed up David Dobrik’s net worth. Apart from Seat Geek and EA Sports, his list of sponsors included General Mills, HelloFresh, HBO Max, Facebook, Audible and Dollar Shave Club. On top of that, he also co-founded Dispo, a photo app, which received a $200 million valuation.

The Dobrik Downfall

By 2021, however, David Dobrik was soaring to greater heights when a scandal put his career on hold. A woman alleged that a member of Dobrik’s infamous “Vlog Squad” sexually assaulted her in 2018 while the group filmed a video about group sex. The woman accused Dobrik of filming her as she was unconsciously involved in a threesome.

Many people came to his defense, including his ex-assistant Natalie Mariduena. But David Dobrik could not stop the allegations from affecting his career. Nearly all of his major sponsors refused to work with him and he experienced a huge drop in subscribers. He departed from Dispo and stopped his podcast with Nash.

Dobrik went on a social media hiatus for a few months before returning in June 2021. Since then, Dobrik has been attempting to restore his former glory on YouTube with average results.

Liza Koshy Net Worth ($6 Million)                 

Jumping off from David Dobrik, we talk about his ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy and her net worth. The American actress and social media personality is known for her comedy skits and vlogs. Her quick pace, loud facial expressions and humor gained her the interest of the YouTube community, which made her one of the platform’s popular YouTubers. The fame plus the sponsorships earned Liza Koshy a net worth of $6 million.

According to Social Blade, Koshy makes an average of $3,000 to $47,000 per month via ad revenue from her main YouTube channel. The following factors also contribute to Liza Koshy’s $6 million net worth.

  • YouTube ad revenue;
  • Payment for her shows on YouTube Premium;
  • Video sponsorships (e.g., Calvin Klein, AT&T and Nike);
  • Online beauty product sales.

Not Just a YouTuber; An Actress, Too

Apart from her Internet projects, Koshy has also ventured into the world of TV shows and movies. In 2016, she starred as Violet Addams in Hulu’s horror series “Freakish.” In the same year, she also played Princess Aubrey in the comedy film “FML.”

Koshy also had a recurring role in Joey Graceffa’s YouTube premium series “Escape The Night” (along with YouTubers like Rosanna Pansino, Gabbie Hanna and Safiya Nygaard). She played the Explorer for two seasons. In 2018, Koshy starred and co-produced “Liza on Demand.” She also voiced the Owl in “Crow: The Legend,” an animated short film starring John Legend.

Tana Mongeau Net Worth ($4 Million)

We all know Tana Mongeau as the Hot Mess of YouTube. She is famous for her storytimes and drama-filled lifestyle, as well as her fake marriage to Jake Paul. The internet is divided on their opinion of her but whether you like it or not, Tana Mongeau has a net worth of $4 million.

The Las Vegas, Nevada native’s primary source of income is her YouTube channel, which currently has more than five million subscribers. Like Dobrik, Mongeau also has a second channel primarily for her vlogs. That channel has two million subscribers.

How is Tana Mongeau So Rich?

A big chunk of Tana Mongeau’s net worth is from her YouTube channel. Fans love Mongeau for her unfiltered storytimes and vlogs. Due to her big fan base, Mongeau’s average monthly earning plays between $4,400 and $70,000. Her estimated annual earnings are $840,800.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Mongeau’s career in music and reality TV also contributed to her net worth. In terms of music, she released six singles as a lead artist. Her deal with MTV led to two shows “MTV: No Filter” and “Tana Turns 21,” both of which added a chunk to Tana Mongeau’s net worth.

In her Instagram account, Mongeau also features sponsorships for popular brands like Lounge Underwear, SugarBearHair and Adam and Eve.

The icing on Monegeau’s net worth is her wedding to Jake Paul and their publicized relationship. The notorious YouTubers allowed companies like the Sugar Factory to sponsor their wedding via product placements. Also, fans who wanted to attend the wedding had to pay for the live stream. Their wedding netted $3.8 million, but fans demanded a refund due to the poor quality of the stream.

Jake Paul Net Worth ($17 Million)

Similar to his ex-wife Tana Mongeau, the internet is split when it comes to their opinion of YouTuber Jake Paul. He is infamous for his dangerous pranks, exhausting yet luxurious lifestyle and arrogance. Despite all of these, Jake Paul has a net worth of $17 million (as of 2021).

Similar to Koshy and Dobrik, Paul rose to fame on Vine when he was just 16 years old. When Vine shut down, Paul already had 5.1 million followers. So when he made the switch to YouTube, his followers went with him. Currently, Jake Paul’s YouTube channel has more than 20 million subscribers and 6.6 billion views.

How is Jake Paul so Rich?

Having been in the public eye since he was 17, Jake Paul had already made a small fortune in less than ten years. Multiple endorsements have contributed to the younger Paul’s massive net worth. His initial income came from his YouTube channel, sponsorships and his marketing company “Team 10.” Nowadays, he has been interested in boxing so Jake Paul’s boxing career will contribute to his net worth.

Who says movie stars and TV show celebrities are the only ones earning the big bucks? Today’s YouTubers are giving them a run for their money with their massive net worth. Kardashians who? We only know YouTubers.