Shut Up! Princess Diaries 3 NEEDS to Happen!

Fact: it has nearly been two decades since we saw Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi (aka Mia Thermopolis played by the lovely Anne Hathaway) be crowned as THE queen of Genovia (the land we all call our own, of course). 2004 gifted us with Mia winning the throne via girl power in “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” and by now, all the butterflies in our stomach have settled and fans want more. Nearly 20 years of waiting is enough — “Princess Diaries 3” needs to happen.

So where is it? Where’s the third part fans are waiting for? Is there a “Princess Diaries 3” movie release date already?

Is The Princess Diaries 3 Coming Out?

In recent years, there has been news of a third installment in “The Princess Diaries” series but it was in 2019 when it was confirmed (sort-of) that “The Princess Diaries 3” was in the works.

Before his death in 2016, Princess Diaries director Gary Marshall shared his interest in a Princess Diaries 3.  In fact, during an interview with Larry King, he said he was working on the third installment of the franchise. He had already spoken with some of the actors involved in the series, he said. Sadly, the film director was unable to bring The Princess Diaries 3 to life since he died at the age of 81. But his conversation with Larry King sparked the potential beginnings of a third Princess Diaries film.

During a January 2019 episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Anne Hathaway said that there is a script for a “Princess Diaries 3” film. The script for the third movie would follow the original films from 2001 and 2004 — which may include Julie Andrews (Although Queen Clarisse Renaldi herself was surprised with the news).

Hathaway confirmed to Cohen that she wants to do the script. Even their producer, Debra Martin Chase, wants to do it. But according to the mother-of-two, she and the other members of the production team are taking their time because, “It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready.” But she assured all “Princess Diaries” fans out there that they are “working on it.”

After this news, however, there haven’t been as many “The Princess Diaries 3” movie updates as we hoped. Apart from that, COVID-19 happened so planning for the third film may have been put on pause as production companies try to figure out how to shoot movies during a pandemic. With everything that is going on, it seems as if a third Princess Diaries film seems nearly impossible.

But as “The Princess Diaries” taught us, miracles happen once in a while if you believe. “The Princess Diaries 3” has and will come out because, frankly, there are many things we need to see.

Why We Need a Princess Diaries 3

Here are reasons a third installment needs to happen so we can binge on yet another Disney Princess movie:

Mia and Nicholas: What Happened? Will Michael Come Back?

So do Mia and Nicholas deserve another film about their love story? Are they even still together in The Princess Diaries 3?

Michael from “The Princess Diaries” was Mia Thermopolis’s first love, but Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine) seemed to be the Princess — scratch that — Queen’s endgame. The former rival heir to the throne of Genovia was last seen singing the country’s anthem at Mia’s coronation. Who can forget the way his blue eyes stared at the new Queen of Genovia as she winked at him from the throne? Or how he proposed to her at the throne room? Even if he didn’t have a chicken for Mia’s table, it was made clear that she reciprocated his feelings.

It has been nearly twenty years since that moment and fans are asking: are Mia and Nicholas still together?

The fan base is divided. Some of the fans want Michael to make a comeback and sweep Mia off her feet (as he did in “The Princess Diaries” books). Others want to see the Queen of Genovia married to her ex-enemy to the throne. Frankly, the chemistry Mia and Nicholas had was superior to Mia and Michael’s high school romance so it’s only natural for the third movie to explore what happened to their romance. Did they stay together? Are they married? If so, kids?

If you want Nicholas to come back, you’re not alone. Even Chris Pine prays every night for “Princess Diaries 3.” But we wouldn’t be opposed to Michael making an entrance and adding some tension to the third film.

More Makeover Scenes!

Mia’s makeover scenes are humorous and lovely trademarks of both Princess Diaries films. Larry Miller’s Paolo makes us want to have dramatic makeovers of our own (using his photos for the reveal, of course!). The first makeover transformed Mia from an awkward teenager into a beautiful princess while the second one changed her from a beautiful princess into a blushing bride-who-eventually-asserts-her-dominance-as-a-queen.

The third film would be lacking if Paolo and his ladies were not there. Simply put, there should be another makeup scene! Whether it’s putting Mia in a bunch of royal princess bridal gowns or just power dressing for a parliament session, Mia needs another makeover and hopefully, the filmmakers can recreate the magic.

Musical Moments

Both Princess Diaries movies have their share of memorable musical scenes. Who can forget Mandy Moore’s “Stupid Cupid” by the beach or Brigitte and Brigitta’s distract-the-queen scene stealers? The “Princess Diaries 2” also had Julie Andrews sing a duet with Raven during Mia’s bridal shower.

The original cast is a star-studded selection of singers. Anne Hathaway herself is an Academy Award winner for her singing role as Fantine in “Les Miserables.” Julie Andrews is popular for her lovely voice when she portrayed the titular Mary Poppins and Maria from “The Sound of Music.” Plus if Raven Symone or Mandy Moore were to re-join the cast, the third film is set with a powerhouse of singers.

Let Lilly Come Back

We need Lilly to add some spunk to Genovia’s government, please. Photo from

Mia is not complete without her feisty best friend, Lilly Moscovitz. Lilly is a force to be reckoned with, making an impact wherever she goes. In “Princess Diaries 1,” she was Mia’s support system as she embraced her reality as Genovia’s heir to the throne. In “Princess Diaries 2,” she supported Mia through fast engagement with Andrew, arguments over the throne with Nicholas and asserting her role as Genovia’s one true ruler. It makes one wonder what role Lilly is taking now since Mia’s coronation, which is why a third movie is essential.

Mia and Lilly’s bond is one for the books. Surely, the Queen of Genovia created a special role for her royal best friend? If not, is Lilly still with one of the royal guards of Genovia? Plus Heather Matarazzo, the actress behind the iconic Lilly, is up for reprising her role. She said so in her July 2020 interview on The Morning Show. Like Hathaway, Matarazzo was aware of the existing script and promises to get the movie done despite the loss of the captain of their ship, Gary Marshall.

Clarisse Loves Joe Pt. 3

There’s just something romantic about Clarisse and Joe’s long-time romance. And we need more of it in “Princess Diaries 3.” Photo from Pinterest.

Mia’s romances are not the only ones that made the hearts of fans flutter. Her grandmother’s long love for her bodyguard Joe has always been one of the most touching storylines in the films, which was made more prominent in “The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.” At the end of the second film, Clarisse proposes to Joe and takes Mia’s position as the bride of the day. After years of waiting, Joe finally marries his queen.

A third movie would give fans more insight into the pair’s life after Mia’s coronation. What is life like for the previous queen? How did Joe integrate himself to the royal family? In the last movie, he had given up his head of security role to be with Clarisse. So what are they doing now? We gots to know!

Mia as the Queen

Princess Diaries 1 and 2 focused on Mia’s adventures from being an awkward and shy teenager to ascending the throne as the first unmarried Queen of Genovia. “Princess Diaries 3” is the perfect movie to show how Mia is doing as the new queen. It has been nearly two decades since she was crowned as the Queen so, naturally, much has happened ever since.

How has Mia been ruling Genovia all these years? The second movie showed that she exercised her #GirlPower to prove that a woman can lead without a man by her side. Plus, a post-credits scene showed that women were finally allowed in the parliament. There was an undercurrent of feminism in the “Princess Diaries 2.” Considering how politics has changed since 2004, it’s a wonder how these gender-equality changes will be portrayed in the third film.

Fans want to know how the government has changed since it has allowed more women to take part in it.  Does Genovia have more female leaders? It would be interesting to see Queen Mia working with more female leaders in building a better Genovia for the future.

When is “Princess Diaries 3” coming out? We don’t know. But one thing is for sure: it needs to come out! It will make the world a better place, plus offer yet another form of self-care (aka binge-watching all three movies).

There are so many questions that need to be answered and only “Princess Diaries 3” can give fans satisfaction. How about you? What are you looking forward to the third installment of the Princess Diaries?

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