How to Choose the Perfect Ring for the Love of Your Life

Rings are one of the most important symbols for a couple. Some rings signify a promise of staying faithful and loyal, while others are a promise of a future with your partner. Other pieces, such as wedding rings, are symbols of being bound as one for the rest of your lives.

But what’s the best ring to give your partner?

Promise Rings

Promise rings signify the commitment in a relationship. It often leads to engagements. Although promise rings are most commonly given to women, many couples tend to give one another a ring. Women’s rings tend to be fancier than men’s. The men’s rings are typically a simple band with maybe a few designs.

When it comes to women’s promise rings, a good design is something simple. Of course, you’ll want the engagement ring to be fancier. Solitary settings are incredibly popular for promise rings with a smaller stone. For the rock, you can choose a diamond or a colored one like rubies, emeralds, turquoise, and more. You can select their birthstone if you like.

On the other hand, promise rings for men are typically more straightforward but often complements the design of the woman’s ring. It can be made from gold, silver, gold or silver-plated material, aluminum, or even silicone.

Engagement Rings

More often than not, engagement rings are the fanciest, and diamond engagement rings are incredibly popular. Although solitary and simple designs are standard these days, the stone tends to become bigger. Round and cushion diamond cuts are classic choices. But more women want to have a unique ring, so emerald cuts, oval cuts, and marquise cuts are having a comeback. Plus, it’s common to add several other colored stones to the ring for more brilliance.

Because of the uniqueness, unconventional designs are also common. Asymmetric designs and out-of-the-box types of designs are getting more popular for modern brides. Colored diamonds and stones are becoming usual choices as well. However, colored diamonds tend to be more expensive than standard diamond rings. So, many choose other colored stones as an alternative. Black and dark stones are also a rising trend, along with moonstones and rough gems.

The band is usually made from silver, gold, or aluminum. These materials are more durable and can handle the stone better.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are simpler but tend to be more elegant. The rings match with the other and typically have fewer decors than a promise or engagement ring. But you can add some etchings and even tiny stones to make it more unique. They are also made from gold, aluminum, silver, or even a combination of these materials.

How to Choose a Ring

When choosing a ring, you should always consider your budget. Remember that diamond rings tend to be more expensive than other stones. However, they can be great investments and are incredibly durable, given that diamonds are the hardest stones. It would be best if you also consider your partner’s personality and style when choosing the design. Doing this would ensure that they will keep on wearing the jewelry piece because it fits them.

Commitment and love in a relationship are best expressed through actions. But sometimes, receiving them in the form of a ring is an excellent expression of love as well.

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