How to Cut Curtain Bangs, Rock It And Make Sure You Love Them 100%


 “Should I get bangs or not?” is a popular question these days, especially with COVID-19 keeping people at home. Almost everyone has more time to kill time by giving themselves a new hairdo — specifically, bangs.

Curtain bangs, in particular, are gaining the interest of people on social media since they are EVERYWHERE: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest. Even your favorite celebrities are embracing the Art of the Curtain Bangs. Girls with bangs is a thing!

It’s no wonder that many people go on Google to ask “How to cut curtain bangs?” “Can I pull off curtain bangs?” or “Are curtain bangs high maintenance?”

If you’re reading this article, you may be interested in jumping aboard the bandwagon or are still unsure whether you can pull off curly curtain bangs or not. Whatever your case is, this guide answers all of your curtain bang questions — from how to cut curtain bangs yourself to the face shapes that go with bangs.

Curtain Bangs 101: How to Cut Your Curtain Bangs

What’s the difference between regular bangs and curtain bangs? The latter is a more versatile version of the former. Curtain bangs are long enough to pin back or grow out, but you can also cut them if you want a shorter look. This is easier achieved if you have a professional cut your bangs for you.

But there’s nothing wrong with cutting the curly curtain bangs yourself. It’s a tricky premise, especially when you’re in front of a bathroom mirror holding some scissors and Googling “how to cut curtain bangs” while you’re at it. But it’s not impossible.

You can cut your curtain bangs in two ways: scissor cutting and razor cutting.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs with Scissors                                   

Scissors are the basic tools for people who want to cut their bangs. But you can’t just work with any pair of scissors. You’ll need the most professional pair of scissors from your local beauty store to ensure a good cut.

Once you have your scissors, make sure that your hair is damp. Next, section your hair into two diagonal forward parts, both of which should be going toward your temple. Also, start cutting an inch or more back from your hairline and pull the section forward.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs with a Razor

A styling razor gives you more artistic control by letting your hair naturally blend with the wispy layers of your hair’s overall style.

To cut your curtain bangs with a razor, start with drying your hair. A popular misconception with cutting your bangs is to cut them wet. If you do, however, you might end up with shorter curtain bangs.

When cutting your curtain bangs with a razor, part your hair down the center and separate the section you’d like to be your curtain bangs. Here’s a pro-tip: the bigger the section, the thicker the bangs. Use the razer to cut the bangs between the end and the middle of your eyebrows. From the center of your hair, move outward with the styling razor and create wispy layers around your face.

Pro-Tips: How to Cut Your Curtain Bangs Well

Cutting your curtain bangs can be scary, especially if you don’t know where to start or how to do it well. Below are some things to keep in mind when learning how to cut curtain bangs at home.

Start Longer Than The Length You Planned

No one wants their straight or curly curtain bangs smacking them in the eyeballs every day. So, have awesome bangs and avoid obstructing your vision by cutting your bangs longer than you originally planned. If you think your first cut is too long, just trim more. It’s easier than cutting your bangs too short.

Find a Reference Image for Guidance

Curtain bangswhether they’re for curly hair or straight hair — suit every texture, but it still helps if you know the style and length that suit you. So, if you’re determined to DIY your curtain bangs, at least consult with a stylist first before you chop off your bangs. Do it via Zoom instead of FaceTime since a bigger screen will help you be more specific.

Like with any DIY haircut, it’s easier if you have a sample image of the style you’re going for. A frame of reference keeps you from suffering shaggy layered cuts.

So if you want a sure cut, do more research. Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram for a few references to avoid regrets.

Use the Right Scissors

Many people make the mistake of using whatever scissors are available. If you were a skilled stylist, your technique can make up for your lack of tools. But if you don’t have experience with cutting hair and you’re chopping your hair with kitchen scissors, your curly hair curtain bangs dreams might not be achievable.

If you want to have better curtain bangs, level up your scissors. Some thinning shears, which are designed with thinner blades, can give you a more carefree and wispier hair texture.

Don’t Forget to Blow Dry

People with wavy or straight hair can easily style their bangs with a couple of products, their hands and their trusty blow-dryer. Keep your hair in place by using leave-in serum or conditioner and hairspray.

When it comes to blow-drying your curtain bangs, blow them out using your fingers, combing in one direction first before you go to another direction. Use a round brush to smooth them out if necessary.

Pay Attention to the Cowlicks and Curls

On the days you wash your hair, cowlicks are part of your curtain bangs agenda. Calming down cowlicks requires drying and styling freshly washed hair because if you let it air dry, it will set immediately.

Establish cooperation with these uncooperative hairs by using a round brush. When drying your locks, put your brush on top of your thumb and squeeze the bangs. The thumb adds tension you have to pull the hair follicle’s from the root.

Once you’ve taken care of the cowlick, continue drying while brushing your hair to the right, the left and then downward.

Similar to cowlicks, natural curls require a fresh wash before you style them. If you have naturally curly curtain bangs, take advantage of your curls by perfecting the placement and pattern of each lock while your hair is wet.

Use your fingers to style your locks the way you want them. You can also finger coil to elongate the curl pattern or enhance the definition by crunching your locks.

Are Curtain Bangs High Maintenance?

Yes, they are! Since they don’t require a big commitment like micro, blunt or ached bangs, you don’t have to invest in frequent salon visits. Since they flow into your hair naturally, you can easily style them however you want.

While they are low-maintenance, curly curtain bangs still require some level of effort so always be ready to style them. Unless you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it will take some time to style your bangs the way you want them to look.

What Face Shapes Go With Bangs?

So who do curtain bangs look good on? Everyone!

The key is to make curtain bangs to suit your face shape. Consider the following tips for the following face shapes.

Oval Face Shape

People with oval faces can get away with any bang shape, including curly curtain bangs. Just tailor the fringe length to the length of your forehead. A shorter crop elongates a shorter forehead while longer layers can balance a longer forehead length.

Heart Face Shape

To rock your curtain bangs, balance a wider forehead with a thinner jawline. Steer clear from blunt bangs. Instead, go for a smooth, swoopy and center-parted fringe cut below your brow line. Before blow-drying your hair, apply a bit of styling cream to your bangs and brush them with a round brush for a sleek appearance.

Round Face Shape

Curtain bang gives a round face a pretty fringe look. Textured, thin and wispy, these curtain bangs add some angle to round faces, giving it a more elongated look. It also shapes your face without hiding your beautiful eyes completely. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s hairstyle book.

Square Face Shape

People with square-shaped faces will look good with sweet and short curtain bangs. Curtain bangs can balance their high cheekbones and strong jawlines. Go for a short wispy fringe and a deep center part.

Rectangle Face Shape

Too choppy or too rigid bangs do not look good on a rectangle face shape. Instead, go for longer curtain bangs since you want the shortest pieces to hit below or just at the cheekbones.

Can I Pull Off Curtain Bangs?


As long as you know how to style and cut your bangs, you’ll be one of the girls with bangin’ bangs! With bangs, you can amp up your style or hopefully hide your widow’s peak! Although a DIY cut is OK, it’s best to see a professional you can achieve your curtain bangs dreams.