Wedding Planning 101: Finding the Perfect Dress

Of course, the ring is crucial because you’ll wear it forever, but your wedding gown—that’s what will really make you feel incredible on one of the most memorable days of your life. But when so much value and meaning is given to “the dress,” the mere thought of finding the perfect one could be extremely daunting.

So to prepare yourself for wedding dress shopping, you need to keep some crucial things in mind to make the process easier for you.

Begin as Early as You Can

You’ll need about six to eight months to get the dress, considering that you’re decisive. On the other hand, if you’re very discerning or don’t have any idea what you want in a dress, it’s best that you start looking for a dress eight to 10 months in advance, especially if you want that popular bridal gowns boutique in Provo to accommodate you.

Average bridal gowns take between six and eight months to be completed, while heavily embellished dresses and those that require special fabrics from abroad could take up to a year to create. Furthermore, when you’ve found one, alterations might take at least eight weeks.

Set a Budget—Really

Don’t waste precious time trying on different dresses that you know are out of your budget. You’ll be better off using your time choosing dresses within your price range, so you could spend more of your time looking at the gorgeous choices that you can afford.

Don’t forget that you should also factor in the alteration costs, shipping fees, taxes, jewelry, lingerie, shoes and veil into your budget. Having a set budget will also stop you from trying on all the dresses you’re eyeing. Remember that shopping for “the one” is supposed to be an exciting and fun process, not torturous, anxiety-inducing and frustrating.

Figure Out What You Really Like in a Wedding Dress

To narrow down the many different options available to you, take into account your venue, the time of the ceremony and the season. Rule out styles that you don’t like or won’t flatter your body, as well as silhouettes and fabrics that simply won’t work. For instance, an ultra sexy piece probably won’t work in a church and a massive Cinderella-esque ball gown won’t work well in a destination beach wedding.

Trust in Yourself

Put simply, if you need people to reassure you that your dress looks perfect on you, then chances are that it’s not the one for you. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing it on your big day when you walk towards the love of your life, move along. Don’t fret. The moment you put on the right dress and see yourself, you’ll know because you won’t want to try on any more dresses.

Think of finding “the dress” as falling in love—you’ll need ample time, but once you find it, your heart will know. So keep the suggestions above in mind before hitting the boutiques so that you won’t feel overwhelmed when your shopping day comes.

Ethan Reynolds

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