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Unleash the Ultimate Jetsetter in You: Planning a Multi-stop Trip

So you are only able to take a few days off work to go on a short trip. Of course, you’d want to make the most of it, cramming as many activities as you can into your vacation. You feel like this will be your only chance to finally check off a few things on your travel bucket list. Or maybe you think you will not need more than a day to explore some cities you’ve never been to.

No matter what your reasons may be, planning a trip with more than a single destination can be truly challenging and time-consuming. It’s exciting, of course, as you’ll be able to experience different cultures and multiple environments all in a short amount of time. But all of the planning that will have to go with it can add up to a lot of stress. While it may look difficult at first, it’s certainly doable with some smart and strategic planning. Here are some helpful ideas to help you plan a multi-destination trip and maximize the amount of time you have:

Decide where you want to go and stick with it

Think about all the regions you want to visit and explore and decide whether you want to go to multiple cities in a single country or do some country hopping. Stick to your original decision as much as possible so that you won’t waste time while making plans. Check in advance if your chosen destination has short visa-free stays. Doing this beforehand will save you a lot of time and energy. To help you make the right choice, Instagram may be one of the best apps. Exploring can help you find places that you would have never thought to include in your plans in the first place.

Travel with a friend who has a similar budget

If you choose to travel with a close friend who also has the same budget range and travel goals, you’ll be able to cut down lodging costs by splitting them in half. You can also save money on food. You’ll both be able to make the most of your trip without feeling like you’ve been passing up on a few things because it’s not within your budget. Then you can use the extra money to buy more souvenirs in Phoenix, Arizona, for instance, for your friends and family back home.

Maximize your layovers by planning them yourself

Long layovers at the airport can be very common. Instead of wasting your time waiting, make your own itinerary and plan your layovers yourself. See if you can do it on your own instead of letting the airlines or booking companies handle everything. Look for apps that can help you maximize all the hours that you have while waiting for your next flight. If you’re lucky, you might find a bargain instead of booking an expensive flight with three to four long stopovers.

Use Google Maps when planning your itinerary as it will help you get a better picture of all your chosen destinations. It will also allow you to plan your transportation efficiently. Good luck and have fun!

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