Eyebrow Slits and Other Brow Trends That Came and Went

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In the world of fashion and style, trends come and go. Centuries have seen trends that people at the time would spend a lot of money to wear but, in the present, wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit unironically.

Lately, a lot of the style trends have been focusing on eyebrows. Ever since the beauty industry’s boom in 2019. trendsetters have focused less on clothing (hence the return to simpler styles in the last few years) and more on makeup – including the way men and women style their eyebrows. From eyebrow slits to the way eyebrows are styled, people have started to put more emphasis on eyebrow styles.

Whether you want to enhance your style or practice some self-care, following eyebrow trends is a good idea. Here are some of these memorable trends, what they meant or why they were notable, and whether or not it is possible these styles can be expected to come back into trend.

Eyebrow Slits

Eyebrow slits are thin vertical cuts along your eyebrow hair. These can be made by a cosmetologist, your local barber or beautician, or even DIY as long as you have a steady hand and are sure enough to handle the task. The slit eyebrow look was trendy in the ‘90s, and while the style died in the early ‘00s, they were made popular for a while in recent years when celebrities like Jason Momoa and other beauty bloggers sported eyebrow slits.

Why Are People Wearing Eyebrow Slits?


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Eyebrow slits can be permanent or temporary by shaving or using makeup to create a gap. Generally, it’s used as a form of self-expression, but take note that if done incorrectly, it may not create the effect you’re looking for.

People choose to showcase eyebrow slits because it looks trendy and fashion-forward. While plenty of people are trying to sport perfect eyebrows, having eyebrow slits is an instant eye-catcher because people are drawn to the missing part of your eyebrow. However, because it was designed to look good, your slit eyebrow complements your style.

Here’s a fun fact about eyebrow slits: Jason Momoa, the actor most known for having an eyebrow slit and for playing Khal Drogo in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, got his eyebrow slit not because he thought it looked cool. In 2008, Momoa got into a bar fight and was hit in the eye with a pint glass. The glass shattered, which ended up giving him his signature eyebrow slit. He was happy that he got it, though, as it shifted his career from being a young model to more masculine roles.

Fair warning, though: if you’re below 18 years old, check with your parents if they’re OK with you having your eyebrow trimmed before having it done. While eyebrow slits don’t really have a gang-related meaning, some conservative people place eyebrow slits next to tattoos and body piercings and judge people for getting one. If you regret the eyebrow slit after it’s been done, it may take around two months or up to 10 weeks before your hair can fully grow back. During the regrowth process, if you want to hide your slit or a thin patch of your brow where your slit used to be, you can use eyebrow makeup to blend it out.

How to Get Eyebrow Slits

You can get your eyebrow slits done by a beautician, barber, or cosmetologist with experience in handling hair. However, if you have either a razor or electric shaver and tape or some concealer, you can make your own eyebrow slit at home. Follow the directions of the video to learn how to cut your own eyebrow slit.

For washable eyebrow slit, you will need an eyebrow brush with a spoolie or brow comb, eyebrow powder that matches your eyebrow hair color, a detailing brush, and concealer that matches your skin tone. Fill your eyebrows in with the brow powder. The bolder and thicker your eyebrows are, the more noticeable the slit will be.

Next, apply concealer around the edges of your eyebrows. After, use your detailing brush to spread concealer where you want your eyebrow slits to be. Keep the edges clean as possible and then let it dry for five minutes. If you have a translucent powder or setting powder, dab some on your faux slit to help make it blend and look natural. From afar, one would think you have eyebrow slits. However, if someone stands close and observes, they may be able to see the hair underneath the concealer.

Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back?

Expecting your eyebrows to grow back to look like everyday full eyebrows depends on the method you’ve used to create your slit. Creating an eyebrow slit-like effect through makeup is definitely temporary as makeup can wear off after a few hours to a day, depending on the makeup’s quality.

If you’ve had your eyebrow hair cut, trimmed, and shaved to create a gap, it may grow back after a few weeks or even days, depending on how fast your body regrows hair. Some people add a few drops of castor oil on their eyebrow slits (and other areas where they want faster hair growth) to speed up the process, though there’s no scientific evidence to fully support this method.

However, take note that eyebrow hair follicles are very sensitive. If you constantly wax or pluck a certain area of your eyebrows, eventually, you could permanently damage the hair root until the point that your hair will stop regrowing. If this happens, you’ll be left with a permanent eyebrow slit that can’t grow back. If you also happen to get into an accident like Jason Momoa that damages the follicle layer of your skin, it will be impossible for your hair to grow back. However, using eyebrow cosmetics is still an option if you want to hide the gap.

Will It Go Back in Style?

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It went out of style in the ‘90s, but if you look at the videos and blogs about it, you can see how it’s making a comeback in 2018 and 2019. Given that perfect eyebrows have reached their peak last year and more people are going for natural, clean-looking eyebrows now, maybe a few beauty bloggers and influencers could make it trendy once more.

Instagram Eyebrows

Also known as HD brows or faded eyebrows, an “Instagram brow” is a trend where the inner part of the eyebrows are very thin and sparse, but gets darker and more defined as it reaches the outer tips. The trend gets its name from the platform Instagram, where plenty of beauty bloggers show their work. Aside from the fade, an Instagram brow is defined by its perfect angled shape, as this brow doesn’t have a hair out of place.

Why Are People Wearing Instagram Eyebrows?

Obsession for eyebrow trends can be traced back to when model-actress Cara Delvigne was put in the spotlight around the same time of the cosmetics industry boom in 2014. Although Delvigne hated her eyebrows, people were obsessed with getting eyebrows that were as thick and as bold as hers. Eventually, the obsession with eyebrow makeup led to many Instagram bloggers developing what is now known as Instagram eyebrows.

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Putting on perfect Instagram eyebrows are a sign of one’s skill in makeup. Cara Delvigne had naturally eye-catching eyebrows, but celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner had a team of stylists to make them look picture perfect. By having Instagram eyebrows, you were someone with expert makeup skills – and with makeup trends and beauty vloggers making thousands of dollars a month, you could rake in the money just by proving to people you were worth following for makeup advice.

Instagram brows are aesthetically pleasing. Some vloggers take a long time to sculpt their eyebrows to achieve a perfect pair of Instagram eyebrows. When complimented with a full face of makeup, it becomes an artistic effect that’s hard to look away from. Unfortunately, because of the time and precision required to achieve perfect brows, it eventually died out and paved the way for new trends.

How to Get Instagram Eyebrows

Some makeup artists have perfected their technique for making Instagram brows. However, since most skilled artists charge at prices starting at $75 for hair and makeup, it’s impractical to get your brows done from them every day just for casual purposes. And unlike the eyebrow slit where you simply need a firm hand and a few everyday household items, getting Instagram brows the first time is nearly impossible.

Above is a video that can help you understand what it takes to draw on these type of eyebrows. Take note that it takes the vlogger 15 minutes to draw on her brows and another 45 minutes for the rest of her face. If you want to achieve the same look and aren’t a professional makeup artist, this may take longer.

Will It Go Back in Style?

This is where many people are divided. The decline of the full-face makeup trend can arguably be traced back to Kylie Jenner, whose Kylie Cosmetics line launch in 2015 contributed to the makeup boom. During this time onwards, Kylie was often seen sporting a full face of makeup – including Instagram brows. Prior to February 2018, Kylie hid from the spotlight to handle her pregnancy away from the public. After this time, she was seen with less makeup and, in some occasions, with no makeup at all. Since then, plenty of bloggers have strayed away from the full-face trend and more on everyday makeup looks (a plus if you’re not a big fan of added stress to your routine).

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Part of this shift in trend also involves ridiculing the Instagram brows. While it does look aesthetically pleasing when done right, some critics and beauty vloggers claim that some people are doing it wrong to the point that it looks awkward and thicker than normal. However, if done right, the Instagram brows can look good even with everyday light makeup.

Nowadays, more celebrities are focusing on bringing out their eyebrow shape rather than using Instagram brows to totally alter what their natural eyebrows look like. While some men and women may still find Instagram brows attractive and may continue to use it, it’s unlikely that it will trend once more now that simpler makeup looks are on the rise.

Glitter Brows

After the Instagram brows, glitter brows became the next trend featured on the social media platform. Instead of your natural eyebrow colors like dark brown, blonde, and chestnut, your eyebrows are sparkly and temporarily dyed in unnatural colors with glitter and other small sparkly stones to enhance your style.

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Why Are People Wearing Glitter Brows?

While it’s not the most practical or professional-looking brows you would wear to the office, glitter brows are aesthetically pleasing and are a work of art when done right. It’s not enough to simply color your eyebrows a weird color; there’s also the art of blending glitter and other accessories to make it look visually pleasing.

Aside from proving one’s makeup skills on Instagram, people wear glitter brows for informal fun events such as costume parties, nights out, and other events where men and women have the opportunity to go all out on their makeup. The best glitter brows are those that blend so naturally with your brows and skin that many people may think it is Photoshopped.

How to Get Glitter Brows?

Like with Instagram brows, you could hire a makeup artist to do the brows on you. However, you can also opt to do it yourself. It will take practice, but glitter brows are slightly harder to learn than eyebrow slits but do not require the same precision as Instagram eyebrows.

To get the look, some beauty bloggers at Allure claim that running soap through your brows with a spoolie helps keep the brow hairs in place. You can use body glitter or glitter gel you can find in craft stores, but these are a bit chunky and hard to blend out like you would with makeup. Your best option is to find long-wearing liquid glitter lippies like Lime Crime’s Lip Toppers because they’re glittery but also more on the liquid side so they’re much easier to blend naturally onto your skin.

Will It Go Back in Style?

Unfortunately, while glitter brows may still be seen on Instagram or on costumes and other outfits for very creative events, it’s unlikely that people will start sporting glitter brows on the street on an everyday basis. Like the Instagram brows, it’s just too much work for an everyday person to do. And like all things glitter, a lot of things don’t always match with glitter products.

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Fake Eyebrows

Everyone is familiar with false eyelashes, but here’s a concept: fake eyebrows. These false eyebrows are a great solution for ladies who want a more defined brow shape. Whether you have over-plucked your eyebrows, are struggling with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatment, false eyebrows give you back your beautiful eyebrows.

What are Fake Eyebrows?

Also known as false eyebrows, eyebrow wigs or stick-on eyebrows, fake eyebrows are realistic eyebrow replicas made of fine fibers (usually human hair) attached to an inconspicuous gel or lace base. The base is put on your existing eyebrows or forehead using a special adhesive.

False eyebrows, in terms of construction and concept, are like wigs for the head — except you wear this one on your forehead. Due to the smaller size of false eyebrows, they are more delicate and must be replaced often.

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Why are People Wearing Fake Eyebrows?

People with very fine brows or complete brow less can wear fake eyebrows. If you still have some brow hair, it’s best to fill them in instead of using false brows.

These fake eyebrows are available in natural colors that can closely contrast or match your hair color, depending on what you like. Choose from different lengths, shapes and widths that give you either a natural or glamorous look.

How to Get Fake Eyebrows

Similar to wigs, false eyebrows need fake eyebrows and a special adhesive formulated for them. Also, it helps to have an eyebrow brush or comb, an applicator for the adhesive and tweezers to put the eyebrows in place.

Before you apply your stick-on eyebrows, decide on whether you’ll shave off your natural brows or not. If you do shave them off, wait a short while before applying the eyebrows to avoid irritation from the adhesive. On the other hand, if you choose not to shave, you can still wear your fake eyebrows over your hairless skin or natural brows.

Is it Back in Style?

False eyebrows never went out of style but they weren’t as regarded as the eyebrow trends above. Still, these stick-on eyebrows are considered “cosmetic necessities,” especially for people struggling with sparse eyebrows. These fake eyebrows are available everywhere: drugstores, department stores and online stores.


Trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean these trends aren’t still being used today. And while they’re not as popular as they once were, they’re still fashion-forward eyebrow trends that people use as a form of body art or self-expression. So, whether you’re upgrading your style, coping with your body’s changes or just want a statement look, these eyebrow trends can help you achieve all.