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Planning for an Outdoor Wedding: What Should You Remember?

Any excited bride or groom wants to have an unforgettable wedding day. They want it to be the best, not just for themselves but also for their loved ones. You may have scoured numerous wedding venues to find one that tugs at your heart and best incorporates your theme and motif. Then, after a fierce search for the perfect place to have your wedding, you have settled on an outdoor venue.

Great choice! Outdoor venues are uniquely enchanting. There is nothing quite like the beauty of the sun shining down on fresh flowers and greenery or the calming ebb and flow of the sea. Its stunning natural elements, however, also come with unique challenges.

There is a lot of work involved in an outdoor wedding or reception. Keep these things in mind when putting your big day plans together.

Prepare for Emergencies

The challenge in planning a wedding outdoors is the unpredictability of the weather. Here are the best ways to make sure that your nuptials go smoothly, rain or shine.

Have a game plan for different weather conditions

Rain is often a major setback when planning the perfect wedding. Always reserve a tent just in case you need it on the day. While this means more expenses on your end, it also means you have less to worry about should inclement weather threaten your venue setup.

Keep guests in the loop for venue updates (in case you move your entire venue indoors) by posting on your wedding website or sending a mass text or email to guests. This helps guests prepare, especially those coming from out of town.

Make electricity a must

Powering your wedding day equipment is not as straightforward outdoors as it is indoors. Always work with a licensed professional to determine the practicality of your venue layout and the devices needed. They can also assess if you will need additional power sources for specific decorations and parts of the program.

A tip: you can use battery-powered lights to illuminate walkways. Just be prepared with extra batteries in case you need them later in the day.

Deal with bugs and insects

Unfortunately, outdoor locations mean the possibility of bugs and insects. Have your venue professionally treated a few days before the wedding to eliminate creepy crawlies from the party. Then add an extra precaution in the form of scented candles and plants that repel mosquitoes and other insects.

A creative way to keep bugs away is to give out insect repellents that attendees can use throughout the event or bring home for future use. You can DIY these and add a tag or label to turn them into wedding favours.

Consider the Comfort of Your Guests

You want your guests to have nothing getting in the way of their enjoyment as they celebrate your special day with you. Here’s how you can make sure of that.

Tell your guests what to expect

Guests should know what your venue will be like so that they can come in the appropriate attire. For instance, outdoor weddings usually have uneven terrain that makes it difficult to walk in stilettos. Tell them about these potential obstacles ahead to avoid injuries or accidents on the big day.

Keep an eye on the temperature at different points of the day, too. If you hold your ceremony in the afternoon when the sun is high, have fans to keep people cool. If it gets chilly in the evening, offer blankets to everyone or set up heaters.

Provide weather forecasts on your website, so your guests can dress accordingly. Along with weather updates, post venue reminders and precautions.

Ensure easy access to restrooms

One of the most complex parts of planning your wedding outdoors is making restrooms easily accessible and readily available for guests. The good thing is there are plenty of venues already equipped with clean, functional bathrooms outdoors.

If there are not many in the venue you chose, it helps to set up portable restrooms for guests to use. Note that the common concern about these temporary restrooms is that they don’t look appealing, making them feel unsanitary. Respond to this by carefully decorating the area around your bathrooms and having them cleaned at regular intervals.

Set up sanitation stations outside of your portable restrooms, too. This should be a place where they can wash their hands and spritz sanitizer before going back into the venue.

Outdoor weddings require a lot of thought, but they are doable. Gathering the right team and making thorough preparations means you won’t have to be afraid to pursue your dream wedding.

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