Can Preworkout Supplements Improve Your Exercise Routine

We all have been smashing a pre-workout before heading out for the gym or simply pouring the powder directly into our mouths.

Have you ever wondered, do they really work?

Are they getting you results?

If you have ever asked these questions, read out for yourself and find what pre-workout is all about and do they really help.

What Is Pre-Workout?

Pre-workouts or pre-workout supplements are produced for giving you energy when you are exercising. If we look into the main ingredients, we will find that a huge part of them is caffeine.

You can get them in powder form or in the form of pills. Some of the specific ingredients present in pre-workout supplements are indeed great for your health and workouts. However, they also come with a wide range of side effects.

Do Pre-Workout Supplements Work?

Before you exercise, you are supposed to take pre-workout supplements. It will assist you in recovering and easing the fatigue of an intense workout session. Here are some of the major ingredients of most pre-workout supplements.

  1. Caffeine

Usually, pre-workout supplement makers promise that it will make you more energized, more focused and also improve your overall performance. Caffeine is the main component, which gives them the confidence to make all these promises.

Per serving, these supplements come with around 150 grams to 300 grams of caffeine. Three cups of caffeine are equal to this amount. In case you have a sensitivity to caffeine, you have to ensure that you are taking a smaller amount of the supplement. Notable is that some stim-free pre workouts also avoid caffeine and other stimulants as part of their ingredients.

  1. Creatine

When you are combining these magical ingredients with your exercise, you are actually assisting you in gaining strength. In order to replenish your ATP stores, Creatine works really effectively. It also provides you with muscle energy for contact.

Are you tired of having a bulky body and want to lose some weight? Creatine is the one you need in this scenario. Creatine can actually work great when it comes to increasing the level of lean body mass.

  1. Amino Acids

Here is another ingredient of a pre-workout supplement, which also helps in increasing lean body mass. Amino acids, or BCAA, Branched-Chain Amino Acids, have also left a considerable effect on promoting muscle growth.

After an intense workout, your muscle needs some rest and also the time to heal itself. Here, BCAA assists in reducing muscle damage after an intense workout.

  1. Beta-alanine

This ingredient of a pre-workout supplement actually assists you in doing high-intensity exercises. This is why pre-workout supplements are told to be taken before the workout session. During an intense workout session, it might buffer your body muscles.

Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, there is more about beta-alanine. This ingredient of the pre-workout supplement also lowers fatigue along with improving recovery in sprinters.

From the above discussion. We can say, YES, pre-workout supplements do work in improving your exercise session along with your overall health. However, at the same time, all these ingredients come with their own side effects.

Side Effects Of Taking Pre-Workout

We have got a detailed idea about pre-workout supplements, now is the time to look at the side effects people used to talk about.

  • We all have just got to know that caffeine is the main component of pre-workout supplements. It has several side effects like headache, anxiety, insomnia, drowsiness, increased heart rate, nausea, and restlessness.
  • The other popular and effective ingredient is creatine, which involves mild water retention, weight gain, bloating, along with digestive issues.
  • Beta-alanine is really great for your workout sessions, but at the same time, it might cause paresthesia; it is a tingling sensation in your feet and hands along with skin flushing.
  • Pre-workout supplements also can hamper your normal digestive system, and you might encounter an upset stomach more than often.

The Conclusion

In the above discussion, we have checked both the benefits and side effects of pre-workout supplements. As we all know, everything with a certain limit does not harm our bodies that much. So, here, you have to ensure that you are not relying too much on the pre-workout supplements. You can utilize their great effects with a moderate intake. Also, if you are experiencing any side effects, consult with your physician.

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