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Self-Care: Chase Away the Blues

No matter how bright your personality usually is, there are times when you get the blues. Right now, several reasons could bring you down. You’ve been stuck in the same place for a very long time because of travel restrictions. You haven’t partied with friends and colleagues. Maybe you’ve barely gone out for fear of the health situation, which also added to your anxieties.

Add to this the fact that since you’re working from home, sometimes you couldn’t delineate your work time from your personal time. There is also that feeling of guilt that you are not working because, after all, you are in your pajamas and could stream a show on Netflix while typing away on your computer.

Before your emotional and mental state gets worse, do some immediate remedies. These are simple things that don’t need you to spend nor do something drastic.

Start with your body

Start with a physical cleansing. Take a long bath or shower and get rid of the grime that had accumulated during those days you didn’t feel like moving. Have your hair cut or get a hair spa. Give yourself an overall pampering complete with waxing, nail care, and massage. Remember, though, to follow health protocols if you decide to go out to get some care.

Change your environment

It would be nice to take a short trip somewhere for a day or two. But with the current situation, it would be best to stay put. However, do change your surroundings. If you have neglected your living space for the past days, clean it up. Rearrange your furniture, and redecorate. The exercise you will get will also improve your mood, and the accomplishment you feel at the end of the day will contribute to your sense of well-being.

Be conscious of what you eat

Food greatly affects our body functions. Nutrition experts advise you to cut on sweets when you are having bouts of anxiety or depression. It has an impact on the nutrients that your body needs to feel good. You might be used to grabbing an energy drink or taking in some candies when you feel like your energy is draining, but skip these as it will only lead to your body crashing when the sugar rush is used up.

Instead, load up on salmon and berries. If you crave for a piece of sweet, get some dark chocolates. Don’t cheat, though. Dark chocolate means it should be at least 65% cocoa. It’s more bitter than sweet, but it would help eliminate your craving.

Take in some sun and fresh air

The sun is always a good source of dopamine, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter. Take a short break and walk around your block to soak in some sun. At the same time, you get to inhale air that is different from the stale one you have in your room. Make it a daily habit by taking a walk for 15 to 30 minutes in the morning. If you feel like taking a break from work, stretch, and go outside for a walk instead of lying down and closing your eyes. It’s more invigorating.

Listen to music that makes you happy

The effect of music on our mind and body has been praised in several studies. It could relax you, transport you to somewhere far from your anxieties. You can look into music therapy to learn more about which beats or sounds would have specific effects. Stay away from music that reminds you of bad experiences, though. However upbeat they may be, you wouldn’t want your mind to dwell on those memories.

Visit a therapy dog

People are conflicted about the issue of therapy dogs. Although they are cute and cuddly, and they seem to be enjoying the hugs we give them, they do feel our anxieties and worries. Some say it’s not healthy for the dog, while some say that they are OK with the love that they get from all the people. Dogs’ dispositions vary depending on their breed. You would most likely find breeds like the Labrador retriever and bulldog as comfort dogs because they love getting rubs and hugs. Follow what their handlers advise you, however. For example, dogs love getting belly rubs, but they are not very fond of head patting, which people often do.

If none of these works, your mental health might have gotten worse than you thought. The best option for you is to reach out for professional help. You have to take immediate action so that it doesn’t drag you to the point you’d get harmed. Don’t be ashamed that you’re having these feelings of sadness right now while you see others continuing to show sunny dispositions. You don’t know if they’re also feeling bad inside. And the situation we face right now is indeed challenging.

Riley Lena

Riley Lena is a born performer, but writing is her second love. A theater major, Riley has acted with some of the most talented actors and actresses for various international theater companies. Riley stops at nothing when it comes to reaching her star: she is currently her writing her dissertation for her Ph.D in Drama and Theater. She has also written several reviews for local publications and has critiqued movies, music, fashion, videogames, and sports.

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